20 Under 40 – Columbia Business Times – Recognition Video

This year has gotten off to a great start as we continue to do more and more work for Columbia Business Times. We were hired to produce a recognition video for their “20 Under 40” event. These are the top 20 professionals under the age of 40 as nominated by the readers and business community.

The goal was to create a “behind the scenes” feel as we had to interview each recipient just prior to them being photographed for the magazine. Erica at the magazine did a great job of putting on her producer hat and we captured comments ranging from “What would people be shocked to know about you?” to solid and sound business advice. Here are the three segments that aired at the event as part of the dinner program.

20U40 – Segment 1 – Awards Banquet from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

This second segment is presented by Stephens College, the sponsor of the event, highlighting all the benefits of going back to school even as a professional.

20U40 – Segment 2 – Stephens College from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

Third and final segment with my favorite “shocked to know about you” question at the end!

20U40 – Segment 3 – Awards Banquet from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

As promised at the event, here are the other questions/segments that were not shown at the banquet due to time constraints.

20U40 – Great Mentors In Your Career? from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

20U40 – Goal After 40? from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

20U40 – Advice to Others? from Clapboard Pictures on Vimeo.

It has been great working with Columbia Business Times and we are looking forward to the coming year. Does your business need quality video for online and social media? That’s what we do! Contact us for a quote – it’s more affordable than you might think.


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